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Widely recognised as the world’s best shooting eyewear, Pilla is worn by around 90% of the top professional clay target shooters including 26 times World Champion George Digweed. You can Build Your Own Kit or buy Individual Components (click on captions below). You can start with just 1 frame & 1 lens meaning a much lower initial outlay. Buy more lenses when you’re ready. Or build your own kit now with as many lenses as you want: 2, 3, 4 or more with discounts applying for 2 or more lenses. And you get to choose exactly the lenses that you want. All this applies to the 5 model ranges we sell: Outlaw X6, Outlaw X7, Panther X6, Panther X7 and Sportsman 580. All other Pilla models available to special order – please enquire: info@sunglassesforsport.com

Pilla Progressive lenses are available to buy – see Individual Components.

New Pilla Chromashift Solid lenses are available for the Outlaw X6 and Outlaw X7. Over 20 lens colour options available (see colour chart below).

Pilla lenses are made by world-renowned Carl Zeiss Vision and almost certainly the best shooting lenses ever created with unrivalled quality and performance. RX prescription optical inserts are available to fit the Panther X6, Outlaw X6 and Outlaw X7 models. Pilla eyewear is now also gaining a significant following amongst archery enthusiasts with several dedicated Pilla archery models/lenses. Sunglasses For Sport is a Pilla Premier Dealer and we can supply all Pilla Zeiss options.

Pilla Zeiss Chromashift Lenses 2020

10CED – Chromashift Enhanced Definition – Glare reduction – Direct sun

16CRHC – Chromashift Red High Contrast – Glare reduction – Full sun

18CED – Chromashift Enhanced Definition – Glare reduction – Full sun

20CN – Chromashift Neutraliser – Green neutraliser – Full sun

24CMX – Chromashift Max – Max orange boost – Indirect sun

28CR – Chromashift Raspberry – High contrast – Indirect sun

30CED – Chromashift Enhanced Definition – Medium light

40CN – Chromashift Neutraliser – Green neutraliser – Medium light

44CMX – Chromashift Max – Max orange boost

48RHC – Red High Contrast – Medium light

50CED – Chromashift Enhanced Definition – Diminishing light

50CHCL – Chromashift High Contrast Lime – Medium light

52CHC – Chromashift High Contrast Rose – Medium light

55PWC – Peach Chromashift – Medium light

60CHCW – Chromashift High Contrast Watermelon – Medium light

62HCP – High Contrast Persimmon – Medium light

64CB – Chromashift Banana – Diminishing light

64CMX – Chromashift Max – Max orange boost – Low light

67CWN – Green Neutraliser – Low light

70PWC – Peach Chromashift – Low light

80HC – High Contrast – Low light

92CHCL – Chromashift High Contrast Lime – Low/ultra-low light

98AR – Anti Reflection – Indoor/night