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Outlaw X6

Outlaw X6

Pilla Outlaw X6 lenses, frames and prescription inserts are available to buy individually. If you already have an Outlaw X6 frame you can buy one or more additional lenses (with discounts applying for 2 or more lenses).

New Pilla Chromashift Solid lenses are available for the Outlaw X6. The new Chromashift Solid lenses are: 16CRHC, 28CR, 40CN, 48RHC, 64CB, 67CWN, 80HC.

Not sure if you have the Outlaw X6 or Outlaw X7? Look on the inside of the frame arms and if it is an Outlaw X6 it will say Outlaw, Outlaw X or Outlaw X6. If it is says Outlaw X7 then go to the Outlaw X7 page

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