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Our extensive range of sunglasses for running start at under £10 and include free UK delivery on orders £15 and over in value. Choose from top brands like Oakley, UVEX, BLOC, Evolution and Bollé. At the bottom of the page is more information to help you choose.

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Choosing running sunglasses

Sports style, wrap-around style sunglasses are best suited for running, giving plenty of eye protection to keep out wind, rain and harmful UVR. Lightweight frames made from a non-metallic material like polycarbonate or TR90 (nylon) are essential and impact resistant lenses recommended. Frames will typically have rubber or silicone nose pads and temple tips to stop them slipping off your face when you’re jogging and perspire.

The single biggest reason for wearing sunglasses for running is to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation (UVR) when outdoors, in particular the more damaging UVB radiation. UV rays from sunlight can damage the retina and the lens of the eye and over time lead to eye health issues like cancer of the eyelids, cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. As the eye cannot see UVR, good quality sunglasses have an important function in blocking UVR.

The most popular lens colours for runners will be grey or brown which are suitable for strong sun. If running in low light (at dawn or dusk or in woods) a yellow (light enhancing) lens is a good choice. For mixed weather and overcast conditions an orange or rose lens will be useful. For this reason more and more running enthusiasts are choosing multi-lens interchangeable sets.

Whilst polarised lenses are mainly used by fishing and watersports enthusiasts, because they block glare reflected off any hard surface like a road or pavements they can be useful for runners too.

Polycarbonate lenses that fall onto a hard surface like a pavement will easily scratch so it’s also a good idea to wear a cord grip/retainer; these will stop your sunglasses slipping off your face. We have several options available here.

Sunglasses For Sports has a wide selection of models especially suited to running with prices starting at just £9.95 with free UK Delivery.