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Sunglasses For Sport is the UK’s largest stockist of shooting eyewear with prices starting at under £10 with free UK delivery on orders £15 and over in value. All the shooting eyewear featured here have impact resistant, shatterproof lenses from top brands like Pilla, Oakley, Uvex and Evolution. Evolution is manufactured for our sister company Evolution Eyewear Ltd and is now the best-selling shooting eyewear (by volume) in the UK. Sunglasses For Sport is a Pilla Premier Dealer – widely recognised as the world’s best shooting eyewear. At the bottom of this page is a full length article that might help you choose your shooting eyewear.

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Choosing shooting eyewear – what you need to know

In the UK it has now become mandatory to wear eyewear at CPSA registered shoots, and almost all shooting schools, shooting grounds and even many clubs either make it compulsory or strongly advise that eyewear is worn. Eyewear lenses for shooting should be made from polycarbonate or Trivex as both materials provide a very high level of protection whether from a stray or falling pellet but more likely a shard of broken clay.

And whilst it’s now usually compulsory it doesn’t mean you have to just wear clear safety eyewear – you can instead use different coloured lenses to your advantage and deal with any type of light, clay colour and background.

Another important factor that’s often overlooked is that good quality CE marked sunglasses and eyewear will be UV400 rated, which means they will provide maximum protection from harmful solar ultraviolet radiation (UVR), in particular the more-damaging UVB radiation. As the eye cannot see UVR, good quality sunglasses and eyewear have an important function in blocking UVR. Not being visible, excessive exposure over a long period can damage eyesight, accelerate the development of a cataract and cause premature skin ageing.

The models we feature in this section are either especially made for clay target shooting or have frames & lenses that make them ideally suited. Shooting eyewear should either be rimless / frameless or designed to sit high so the top of the frame / lens doesn’t interfere with vision. Some have adjustable nose pads so they can be made to sit higher on the face.

Lens colours and their uses

The following covers the most popular shooting colours:


Reduces all light equally (dulls light) and does not increase contrast. Best used in bright sun / bright light conditions and when shooting directly into the sun.

Amber, Vermilion, Brown & Light Brown
Good all round colours for most light including variable conditions, they increase contrast and make the field of vision appear sharper.

Greatly improves contrast and especially suited to poor light, low visibility, dark and cloudy conditions. A good colour when a black clay is against a sky background but not suitable in bright, sunny conditions.

For protecting eyes from clay impact, dust, dirt or abrasion. Good for shooting in woods.

Red, Rose and Orange
High contrast, high definition lens colours ideally suited to overcast conditions.  These colours filter out blue light which is the hazy end of the light spectrum – it means everything in the field of vision will appear “sharper”. They are popular shooting colours because they emphasise orange and pink clays. The orange lens is best for orange clays against a sky background and the red or rose lens when the orange clay is against a dark background. Good colours for use at the end of the day when eyes are tired.

Rapidly becoming the most popular shooting colour. A great all-round colour for most light conditions. Also called ‘the background neutraliser’ as it dulls or “kills” a green / brown background and enables the shooter to see a black clay better and especially an orange, white or pink clay against a dark background. Purple has a ‘soothing’ tone making it ideal for extended wear comfort.

Sunglasses For Sport are the UK’s largest  stockist of shooting eyewear with a huge choice available including Evolution (the UK’s best selling shooting eyewear) and Pilla (the world’s best shooting eyewear).