Outlaw X7

Outlaw X7

Pilla Outlaw X7 lenses, frames and prescription inserts are available to buy individually.

Or build your Outlaw X7 Kit.

Pilla VX Zeiss Chromashift, Progressive, and Gen 2 Chromashift Progressive lenses are available for the Outlaw X7.

Pilla Outlaw X7 provides a large sight picture with an unobstructed view as there is no front frame. The Outlaw X7 frame incorporate Pilla’s unique counter balancing temple geometry to reduce felt weight on the nose. The forked temples are designed to wrap the head and the tips are adjustable for a customised fit. Outlaw X7 lenses have an integrated rubber sweat bar to keep the lens off the forehead and prevent smudging on the back surface. The sweat bar features integrated vents to increase airflow and reduce fogging.

Outlaw X7 is a 7 base curve lens for a high wrap. This makes it a narrower fit than the Outlaw X6.

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