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Recognised as the best sunglasses for driving in the world, Serengeti pioneered photochromic lens technology, leading the worldwide optical industry in creating lenses that adapt to changing light. All Serengeti sunglasses have photochromic lenses; they darken in bright sunlight and lighten in dull & overcast weather. Serengeti lenses improve contrast and enhance definition. Importantly, they also block out blue light that causes eye strain/fatigue. Lenses are optically perfect and the premium quality frames are exceptionally strong but lightweight. A combination of what many believe are the best sunglass lenses ever created with technically advanced, award winning frames mean that as soon as you put on a pair of Serengeti sunglasses you just know they are right. Read more about Serengeti’s advanced eyewear technology.

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serengeti-eyewear-lens-technologyThe most advanced eyewear technology

Not every eyewear brand has the vision to merge three industry-defining technologies into one ultra-superior lens. With gradually-adjusting Photochromic lenses, naturally colour-enhancing Spectral Control® filters, and glare-reducing Polarization, every Serengeti® lens is unique — and every frame is fashionable.

Photochromic technology

Adapt to light

Serengeti® is a pioneer in the development of photochromic technology. Darkening in bright sunlight and lightening in overcast conditions, Photochromic sunglasses allow your eyes to adapt to any light, anywhere. The result is a view of the world so crystal clear, you’ll notice natural beauty you’ve never seen before. This technology is molecularly infused into every Serengeti lens.

Spectral control technology

Manage the light

Spectral Control® technology selectively manages light wavelengths to give better saturation of what we need to see. Much like an audio equalizer filters sound frequency, a Serengeti lens fine tunes and filters shortwave blue light, allowing more red, green, and yellow to pass through. Landscapes that would be washed out, dull, or flat with other lenses become defined, vibrant, and vivid. Traffic signs and signals appear more distinguishable — while your eyes remain relaxed.

Polarisation technology

Control the light

Serengeti’s Polarizing technology suppresses glare, allowing you to enjoy all the depth and beauty the world has to offer. When glare reflects off the road, water, snow or flat areas, parallel light rays can pass through unhindered, while distracting perpendicular light is reflected. This allows you to discover more clarity, while living free from glare and eye fatigue. Some Serengeti sunglasses feature non-polarized lens options, ideal for pilots or professionals with digital instrument panels.

2 lens materials for optimal comfort

PHD™ 2.0

Each lens is built with NXT® technology and made from Trivex material designed to withstand impacts and temperature changes.

Lighter than polycarbonate, PhD™ 2.0 lenses offer higher optical clarity and the perfect balance of visual and physical performance.

The PhD™ 2.0 features hydro- and oleophobic front-side coatings, which help repel water, fingerprints and debris.

The highly durable backside anti-fog treatment enables perfect vision and performance whatever the activity.

PhD™ 2.0 lenses are composed of a urethane-based monomer and are made from a cast moulding process. This gives PhD™ 2.0 lenses the advantage of crisper optics than injection-moulded polycarbonate lenses (PC Abbe number: 29-31 vs PhD™ 2.0 Abbe number: 43-45).

Serengeti-eyewear-PHD-2-Lens-coloursThe PhD™ 2.0 lens features Serengeti 3 in 1 lens technology: Polarization, Spectral Control® and Photochromic technologies. With a lower temperature sensitivity allowing high performance in any climate, Photochromic technology ensures that the lenses darken faster and deeper even in hotter environments.

  • Drivers
  • 555nm
  • 555nm blue
  • Sedona
  • CPG



A full 20% thinner and lighter, Serengeti Borosilicate mineral glass lenses are finer than any other lens. Produced in the same process normally reserved for ophthalmic-quality corrective lenses, they also provide the best visual optics in the industry.

HYDROGEN-FIRED. INFUSED. PERFECTED.Serengeti-eyewear-mineral-lens-colours

Each photochromic lens passes through a Hydrogen-fuelled Lehr furnace, which fuses each lens with the Spectral Control® technology – with varying temperatures that determine the proprietary lens hue.

  • Drivers
  • Drivers gold
  • Drivers gradient
  • 555nm
  • 555nm blue
  • Sedona
  • Sedona bi-mirror