Prescription Options

Prescription Options
For prescription wearers that want a sports style frame there are two options: optical insert models and prescription ready/RX compatible sports frames.
  • Optical inserts: models that take optical inserts are usually a less expensive and a quicker option. Many models sold with optical inserts are interchangeable so you have the benefit of using different lens colours. They are a good option for people that also use contact lenses as you can remove the optical insert when wearing contact lenses. Optical inserts sit slightly closer to the eyes and you may be aware of them in your peripheral vision so they don’t suit everyone. You can either take the optical insert to your usual optician’s or we can fit the prescription lenses for you in conjunction with our partner opticians.
  • Prescription Ready/RX compatible frames: we have a wide range of sports frames designed to take prescription lenses included Serengeti, Bollé and CEBE models. With an RX compatible frame you will need to opt for one lens tint/colour. It will take longer to make up the prescription lenses (compared to optical inserts) and for most active sports polycarbonate, impact resistant prescription lenses will be required. Click on the icons above to go to each section.  Other options available on the website:
  • Sun Readers (tinted reading glasses)
  • Over Glasses (purpose designed to fit over your spectacles)
  • Clip ons (to convert your spectacles into sunglasses)

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