COVID-19 and the protection of your eyes

Uvex-Carbonvision-ClearDuring the current Covid-19 pandemic it’s important to remember to protect your eyes from being exposed to the virus. Wearing eye protection such as  goggles or close fitting, wrap around styles of safety eyewear will help shield your eyes. We have lots of options in our Safety Eyewear section.

Evolution Cleaning SprayEven protecting eyes with wrap around sport style sunglasses will help shield your eyes from infected droplets – the closer fitting the better.

When wearing a mask with sunglasses or eyewear you’ll know by now that lenses are prone to fogging/misting up. To help prevent this you can use an anti-fog product – we have a selection of anti-fog wipes and anti-fog solutions in our Accessories section. We also have many lens cleaning products on our Accessories page – it’s especially important to keep eyewear clean at the moment.