Looking for safety eyewear? We’ve put them all in one place

safety-eyewearOn our website you can search by (your) sport, by brand or by category of eyewear. In our Category menu you’ll find a large range of options on popular search terms like Kids Sunglasses and Category 4 (dark) sunglasses. We sell a large range of safety models (probably more than any other online retailer) from different brands – including Bollé Safety, UVEX Safety and Oakley – and now you can find them all in the latest addition to our categories: Safety Eyewear. All our safety models have polycarbonate lenses with a minimum 2mm thickness and have been tested to EN166F . This means they can withstand the impact of a 6mm diameter ball bearing travelling at 45 m/s.

With safety eyewear you get a lot for your money with virtually all model prices at under £20. Shop Safety Eyewear.