Did his sunglasses make the difference?!

As a follow-up to the last blog many congratulations to Zach Johnson on winning The Open golf championship at St Andrews, after a nail biting and thrilling 3-way play-off held in the evening (of 20th July) on the Old Course.Zach was wearing his Oakley's throughout the 5 days and wore them to the very end. Did they make the difference? We'd like the think so! Zach is an Oakley sponsored athlete (he also wears their golf apparel). As far as we could tell he was using Oakley's persimmon lens for the play-off which is basically orange and that would be a good choice at that time of day in overcast conditions. Orange filters blue light which is the hazy end of the light spectrum. It means everything appears in sharper focus – in "high definition" It's also a great colour if your eyes are tired. If you have never tried an orange lens (many of our interchangeabkle sets come with one) you'd be amazed at the difference they make.