Like buses…

Yes, they’ve all come at once! Another big delivery of brand new Evolution models made especially for us. And as with all Evolution models they are very well made with high quality frames and lenses yet retailing at really affordable prices. Where to start?!

Evolution Dude…this is a smaller fit model ideally suited to teenagers and people with smaller faces. It’s a true sports style model suited to multiple different sports. The straight, super slim temples make it ideal for wearing with a helmet. It’s priced at just £14.95! Two colour options are available.

Evolution Tours… as with our new Evolution Dynamo model, Tours is made with cyclists in mind but will nonetheless also appeal to other sports enthusiasts. Looking like it should cost at least 5 times its (£14.95) price it has impact resistant, shatterproof vented lenses (to stop misting). Two colour options are available; click here and here to see them.

Evolution Freestyle… this is a floating frame design meaning it will not sink in fresh or sea water. It’s a sports goggle that has POLARISED lenses and comes with an integral elasticised, adjustable strap. It will appeal to many different sports enthusiasts such as off road cyclist, surfers, water skiers, para gliders, snow skiers, climbers, freefall parachutists and other extreme sports /adventure enthusiasts. And it’s priced at just £19.95! Two colour options available click here and here to see them.

Evolution Elan… now this something a bit different! It’s a versatile combination sunglass and goggle. The Elan is really 3 models in one: it can be worn as a sunglass (either full frame or half frame) or as a goggle by replacing the arms with the elasticated, adjustable strap supplied. In goggle mode it is worn with the full frame shock absorbing foam gasket. In sunglass mode it can be worn with and without the gasket (without the gasket it becomes a half frame sunglass). There are two colour options and both feature temples with striking graphics to the temples. One of the options features Category 4 very dark lenses making it ideally suited to high altitude walking, climbing and skiing. Click here and here to see this amazing new model.

Evolution Ocean (black frame).  This is a new colour option on our highly popular super stylish Evolution Ocean polarised model (previously only available with a tortoise frame). Not only that but it now comes with a premium grade 1.6mm optical quality polarised lenses. Fantastic value at just £19.95. It’s even available as a 3 lens set too! Click here to see it.