Good to see more top golfers now wearing sunglasses

Watching The Open golf championship it's noticeable that more and more of the world's top golfers are now wearing sunglasses including some of the big British names like Justin Rose, Lee Westwood and Ian Poulter. Of course in recreational golf you're more likely to see a golfer wearing sunglasses than not so it is a mystery why even more pro's don't wear them. From our perspective there are two very big reasons why they should be worn:

– The right sunglasses will help a golfer judge distance, focus without glare interfering with vision and see the contours of the green far more effectively.

– The damage that long term exposure to UVR causes. Pro golfers are spending vast amounts of time outdoors. Without sunglasses protecting their eyes they are risking damage to their eyes from extended exposure to UVR such as macular degeneration and cataracts, not to mention deep lines around their eyes.

If you scroll to bottom of our golf section you'll find a longer article on why golfers should wear sunglasses.