Clever new 2in1 Sport from Eagle Eyes

Eagle Eyes 20083 2in1 Sport

The 2in1 Sport model is a clever new magnetic concept from Eagle Eyes: a two lens system allowing for daytime protection in any weather & night-time vision enhancement. The two lenses are a base Night-Lite® yellow lens for low, dull & poor light and for driving at night, and a second top TriLenium® polarized dark amber sunglass lens for use in strong sun & bright light; this top lens magnetically attaches over the base lens in seconds.

The base yellow lens is ideal for night driving; it filters out high-intensity light and cuts the glare from oncoming cars and overly bright LED signage. It is also designed to enhance visual definition and contrast in low, dull & poor light conditions. The magnetically attached TriLenium® polarized dark amber sunglass lens was developed from original NASA optic technology to block scattered blue light and 99.9% of harmful UV radiation. This lens enhances contrast, improves definition and blocks glare. The durable, lightweight sports-wrap frame keeps out wind & glare and incorporates ultragrip rubber temples to keep the frame in place when you’re active or perspire.