It’s official – keep a pair of sunglasses in the car


As the UK continues to experience sub-zero winter temperatures with regular warnings of ice and snow, motorists are being encouraged to pack essential items in their car. The UK Met Office, consulting the RAC, has suggested keeping these items in your car as part of a winter driving pack:

  • Ice scraper and de-icer
  • Torch
  • In-car phone charger
  • Warm clothes & blanket
  • Hi-Viz vest/jacket
  • Jump leads
  • Empty fuel can
  • Food & drink
  • Shovel
  • Warning Triangle

The RAC pointed out that winter sun can seriously affect the driver’s visibility, creating a glare which makes it difficult to see the road so ‘always ensure you have a pair of sunglasses to hand’.

So, there you have it – official advice from the Met Office/RAC!