Bollé Phantom Lenses

Bollé Phantom Lenses

The Bollé Phantom lens is a combination of 3 advanced technologies that revolutionise how you see your environment. Made with NXT® material for enhanced definition and a molecular photochromic filter that adapts to all light conditions. Also, a high-contrast filter improves colour and depth perception.

Shop Bollé sunglasses with the latest Bollé Phantom lenses including Bolt, Chronoshield, Kayman, Lightshifter, Navis, Shifter, and Vulture.

Bollé Chronoshield is available with Phantom lenses. Based on the iconic shape from the 80’s, this year’s revised edition of Bollé Chronoshield makes no compromises in terms of vision or comfort, featuring Phantom lenses and Bollé’s ultimate frame technology. For more information see our Bollé Chronoshield page.

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