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Bollé Phantom Lenses

Bollé Phantom Lenses

The Bollé Phantom lens is a combination of 3 advanced technologies that revolutionise how you see your environment. Made with NXT® material for enhanced definition and a molecular photochromic filter that adapts to all light conditions. Also, a high-contrast filter improves colour and depth perception.

Shop Bollé sunglasses with the latest Bollé Phantom lenses including Bolt, Chronoshield, Kayman, Lightshifter, Navis, Shifter, and Vulture.

Bollé Chronoshield is available with Phantom lenses. Based on the iconic shape from the 80’s, this year’s revised edition of Bollé Chronoshield makes no compromises in terms of vision or comfort, featuring Phantom lenses and Bollé’s ultimate frame technology. For more information see our Bollé Chronoshield page.

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Phantom lenses available

  • Phantom + (Photochromic – Category 2-3 + Polarised)

bolle phantom +

  • Phantom Black Gun (Photochromic – Category 2-4)

bolle phantom black gun lens

  • Phantom Brown Gun (Photochromic – Category 2-3)

bolle phantom brown gun

  • Phantom Brown Red (Photochromic – Category 2-3)

bolle phantom brown red

  • Phantom Clear Green (Photochromic – Category 1-3)

bolle phantom clear green

  • Phantom Vermillon Gun (Photochromic – Category 1-3)

bolle phantom vermillon gun

  • Phantom Court (Photochromic – Category 2-3)

bolle phantom court

Bollé Phantom Lenses

Improved vision = improved confidence. Bollé Phantom lens technology – developed in partnership with Essilor® Sun Solution™ – redefines how you see the environment. Industry leading optical clarity & light-adaptive lenses allow you to reveal the invisible whatever the light conditions.

Optical Clarity

Whether you are on a bike, a slope or out in the country, perfect vision is crucial if you are to perform at your very best. With optical clarity close to that of a mineral lens, Bollé NXT® lenses considerably improve your vision acuity, thus improving hand-eye coordination and intricate motorskills. This enables athletes at every level to employ the technology required to beat the competition.

High Impact Resistance

NXT® lenses not only protect you 100% from harmful UV rays, but are also built for maximum impact resistance. NXT® is one of the strongest materials on the market. Originally adapted from military use – jet canopies and helicopter windshields – lenses are subjected to rigorous high-velocity impact tests.

Photochromic Performance

Phantom lens technology adapts to any light condition, ensuring precise visual acuity whatever the weather. The lens tint changes with the light. Enhanced vision whatever the conditions.

High Contrast

Bollé has advanced the performance of Phantom lens technology by adding a high contrast filter on its lenses. Available on all Phantom lenses, the high contrast filter boosts colours and significantly enhance your vision. Whether you are on the road or on trails, high contrast lenses will help you to perceive the obstacles.


NXT® material is close to the lightest lens material available today, at 14% lighter than polycarbonate. This allows for larger designs with fuller coverage, ultimate protection and utmost comfort.

Available In Prescription

Because everyone’s vision is unique, Bollé NXT® lenses are available with their B-Thin Technology, suitable for 99% of prescriptions.