New in Serengeti sunglasses

New in Serengeti sunglasses

Serengeti sunglasses are renowned globally as the most advanced eyewear with a unique 3in1 lens technology. With gradually-adjusting photochromic lenses, naturally colour-enhancing Spectral Control® filters, and glare-reducing polarisation, every Serengeti® lens is unique — and every frame is fashionable.  From their latest 2022 collection we have new models from the driving heritage capsule and the essential capsule. Discover our selection of Serengeti photochromic sunglasses. 


New 2022 collection Serengeti sunglasses

Driving Heritage Capsule 

Driving sunglasses have been at the heart of Serengeti for over 140 years. The driving heritage capsule features iconic driving sunglasses designed with the best sunglass lens for driving. 


Essentials Capsule 

The Essential capsule features timeless and classic style sunglasses, using the ultimate premium materials and lenses to deliver a new classic standard. All style without any compromise on quality. 

Serengeti Foyt

A classic shape for timeless wear. The Serengeti Foyt sunglasses feature mineral lenses and 5 barrel hinges. Handcrafted with eco-friendly acetate, Foyt sunglasses are as environmentally conscious as they are iconic. Look cool without even trying.

Serengeti Wayne

Serengeti Wayne navigator sunglasses feature a double brow design, spring hinges, and mineral lenses.

Serengeti Marlon

Serengeti MARLON aviator sunglasses, an angular take on the classic aviator design, these men’s aviator sunglasses feature mineral lenses, a customised metal rim, and spring hinges.

Serengeti Photochromic Technology 

Serengeti is a pioneer in the development of photochromic technology. Darkening in bright sunlight and lightening in overcast conditions, photochromic technology allows your eyes to adapt to any light, anywhere. This technology is infused into every Serengeti lens. 

Serengeti Polarised Technology 

Serengeti’s polarising technology suppresses glare, allowing you to enjoy all the depth and beauty the world has to offer. When glare reflects off the road, water, or flat areas, the distracting perpendicular light is reflected, while parallel light rays can pass through unhindered. This allows you to discover more clarity, while living free from glare and eye fatigue. 

Spectral Control 

Spectral Control® technology selectively manages light wavelengths to give better saturation of what you need to see. A Serengeti sunglass lens fine tunes and filters shortwave blue light, allowing more red, green, and yellow to pass through. Landscapes that would be washed out, dull, or flat with other lenses become defined, vibrant, and vivid — while your eyes remain relaxed. 

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