The Times weatherman recommends polarised sunglasses for drivers

Road-glare-polarised-sunglassesPaul Simons, who is the resident weather reporter for The Times, recently wrote, in his daily comment piece, about the hazards faced by drivers temporarily dazzled by low sun or the harsh glare experienced when sun strikes a road after rain (sun shining on a wet road). The UK Department of Transport statistics for 2012 showed that sun glare contributed to 36 fatal car accidents and a further 423 serous injuries. Mr Simons said, ‘Because the bright sunlight problem comes from the low angle of the sun in the sky, or off the road surface, using a driver’s visor over the top of the windscreen to block out the light is often useless. Instead the advice is to use polarised sunglasses, which should always be kept in the car’. Great advice Mr Simons!