Sunglass or Goggle? Have both!

We are coming up to that time of year that ski enthusiasts planning their winter holiday realise that some new ski eyewear is needed. And of course each year there are many first time skiers needing a full complement of kit. And the question is goggle or sunglasses? For sure if you are a snowboader then goggles are essential but recreational skiers don't always want to wear large tight fitting goggles – with or without a helmet. So why not consider a new model we've had made for our Evolution own label. It's called Evolution Elan and it's really 3 models in one: it can be worn as a sunglass (either full frame or half frame) or as a compact goggle by replacing the arms with the elasticated, adjustable strap supplied. In goggle mode it is worn with the full frame shock absorbing foam gasket. In sunglass mode it can be worn with and without the gasket (without the gasket it becomes a half frame sunglass). There are two colour options and both feature temples with striking graphics to the temples. One of the options features Category 4 very dark lenses making it ideally suited to high altitude walking, climbing and skiing. All this and it's only £24.95 with soft and hard case supplied! You can find both colour options of Elan in the Evolution section.