Tifosi break new ground with Escalate model

Genuine innovations in the world of sunglasses and eyewear are few and far between. Hard to believe for example that polarised lenses were invented in the early 1930's! But we've just taken delivery of a new range from the American brand Tifosi (I know….it doesn't sound American….it's actually the Italian word for "super enthusiast"). Their new model called 'Escalate' is genuinely ground breaking. It's a concept they have called Interchangeable Componet System and for the first time, you not only get a multi lens interchangeable set but a choice of full frame or shield (frameless) styles – all in the same kit. It’s basically 2 models in 1. You can quickly connect the arms to either of the two shield (frameless) lenses or opt for the either of the two lens held in the full frame to give a completely different look and feel. Each Kit has two different shield (one piece) lens colours and another two lenses that fit the full frame (4 lenses in total). Clever stuff! We have 4 Escalate models in the Tifosi section – click here to see them.