We love the sun but beware the damage it can cause

A very good article was posted in the Health section of the BBC News website pointing out that just as the sun can burn our skin, it can burn the surface of the eye, and exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays is also linked to serious eye conditions. That's why wearing sunglasses is essential when outdoors in the summer as good quality (UV400 rated) sunglasses block UVR. Quoted in the article was Raj Das-Bhaumik, a consultant ophthalmic plastic surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, who said: "We are exposed to UV light in greater amounts in the summer months, at altitude and whilst out in open water. Snow and water reflect light including UV so the exposure is greater. Eye protection by way of sunglasses or goggles is recommended to prevent damage from UV light, especially when we are exposed to UV light for prolonged periods of time."

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