Costa Sunrise Silver Mirror lens sunglasses

Costa Sunrise Silver Mirror lens sunglasses

Costa Sunrise Silver Mirror lenses will enhance vision in low light conditions. With a 25% VLT (Visible Light Transmission) they will help to amplify brightness during dusk and dawn activities, providing heightened contrast and superior visibility.

Costa sunrise silver mirror lens

Also featuring Costa’s multi-patented 580® lens technology. The premium polarised lenses enhance colours while absorbing harmful high-energy blue light, transforming your overcast and low-light adventures – whether that is fishing, kayaking, or boating. By cutting glare, polarised lenses allow you to see below the water, and reduce distractions & eye fatigue.

Costa Pro series

Discover Costa Pro Series polarised sunglasses with added performance features for the ultimate fishing sunglasses.

Fully-adjustable nose pads

Ventilated nose pads, fully adjustable for a customisable fit. Will help to reduce fogging so you see better in every weather.

Hooding and side shields

Rubber side shields keep light from leaking in and distracting you, so your focus stays fixed on finding fish.

Eyewire drains

Designed to help keep sweat and water from pooling up inside the frame, making sure there’s nothing in the way of your view.

Sweat management channels

Help to move sweat and water away from your eyes so you can see things like fish.

Metal keeper slots

Help to keep your sunglasses secure by attaching some keepers/retainer strap and keep fishing  – instead of trying to look overboard for your sunglasses!

Improved hydrolite

Hydrolite is a rubbery substance that gets stickier the wetter it gets. Costa’s improved formula is more durable.

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