It’s official – sunglasses really do make you look better!

I think we already knew this but extensive research carried by Vanessa Brown, a senior lecturer of art and design at Nottingham Trent University concluded that sunglasses really do improve your looks for three main reasons:

  • They make your face appear more symmetrical (symmetry has been found to be linked to attractiveness)
  • They make you seem more intriguing (because they obscure your eyes, often viewed as a window to the soul)
  • They make you seem more glamorous (I think we have Hollywood and movies to thank for this)

Vanessa Brown used her research to write what is almost certainly the definitive book on sunglasses; it’s called ‘Cool Shades – The history and meaning of sunglasses’ published by Bloomsbury . Clearly Vanessa Brown is one of our all-time favourite people!