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Individual components

Individual components

In this section you can buy individual Pilla frames and lenses for the different models we sell along with other options like RX optical inserts and cases. So, if you’re just looking for one additional lens it’s now easy to do so.

New Pilla Chromashift Solid lenses are available for the Outlaw X6 and Outlaw X7. There are now over 20 Chromashift Solid lens colour options available.

If you would like to buy a Pilla frame + lens(es) together see Pilla Build Your Kit

Not sure if you have the Outlaw X6 or Outlaw X7? Look on the inside of the frame arms and if it is an Outlaw X6 it will say Outlaw, Outlaw X or Outlaw X6. If it is an Outlaw X7 it will say Outlaw X7.