How to prevent your eyewear misting up when wearing a mask

wearing spectacles with a maskAs most people have now discovered, wearing masks and eyewear don’t mix well. With the mandatory requirement to wear masks in most indoor public areas (and many outdoor spaces) the eyewear wearing public have learned the hard way that masks cause their glasses to fog up just about every time they exhale. Various remedies abound but a good proprietary anti-fog product is really the best solution. We sell a variety of options in our Accessories section; the best selling one at present being the Opti-Plus Anti-Fog towelettes. Available as a pack of 10 or boxes of 30 & 100, they work with all lens types and lens coatings including anti-reflective (AR) coatings. They have been independently tested by and awarded the COLTS Laboratories Performance Seal. We have just changed our Accessories section to group similar products together for easier browsing/selection – see all of our anti-fog products.