A geniune breakthrough in vision technology

Eagle EyesReal, genuine breakthroughs in vision technology are few and far between but the new Eagle Eyes SuperSight® 4-in-1 magnetic eyewear system is certainly ground-breaking; truly innovative it gives you four different lens technologies that magnetically and inconspicuously attach to the lightweight but strong TR90 stylish frame. This four-lens system provides 24/7 vision protection and enhancement in a variety of light conditions day, night, digital & low light.

The 4 lens are:

  1. TriLenium® Polarized Lens System for strong sun
  2. StimuLight® Vision Enhancement lens for low light
  3. Night-Lite® Anti-Glare Lenses for night driving
  4. DigiTec™ blue light blocking lens for computer/screen use

Supplied with a soft carry pouch and high quality hard case with compartments for the different lens-frames the complete 4 lens system is available at a special introductory price of just £79.95 – exceptional value.