When trust has some meaning

Some coverage in the media recently about a property sales company that was using Trust Pilot for customer reviews. But the '5 Star' overwhelming positive reviews featured on their website didn't match the actual overall rating on the Trust Pilot website – it was actually far less positive. So what this company had done apparently is simply feature the good reviews on its website.  Well that cannot happen with our independent quality mark which is Trusted Shops. We have no control at all on the reviews – they are posted (by our customers) on the Trusted Shops website which is linked to our website. So they are real, actual "undoctored" ratings. And currently 5 Star!  Incidentally if you're wondering why we don't have thousands of reviews it's because Trusted Shops will only feature recent reviews – all older reviews (and the rating generated by them) drop off after a few months. So yet again you know that the rating reflects recent customer experiences.