Only buy genuine Oakley from an official stockist

There can be few brands worldwide that have been more copied by counterfeit operations than Oakley. Some are brazen and actualy use the name, others try and con unsuspecting customers by using 'Oakey'. Recently one our customers bought an 'Oakley' from an online store but was immediately suspicious as the quality of both the frame and lens didn't look right, yet this store insisted it was genuine. He sent us an image and we could tell right away it was a copy. We suggested he went to trading standards as this outlet was clearly dealing in counterfeit goods – a very serious offence in the UK. Typically these copies are offered at around £30 – and that is well under our trade buying price from Oakley for the genuine article. So if it looks too good to be true it usually is! So don't take chances with Oakley – only buy from an official, authorised Oakley stockist. And as an official Oakley stockist we have a great range available including some brand new 2016 models.  Oakley really do deserve their premier reputation. Any (genuine) Oakley will give years of use with an unrivalled combination of style, function and performance. Click here to see all our Oakley's.