What Are Polarised Lenses And What Do They Do?

What are polarised lenses – what do they do? That’s a question we are often asked especially from visitors to our stand at exhibitions up and down the country. So here’s a little insight into how these special lenses work.

How Do The Lenses In Polarised Sunglasses Differ From Regular Models?

Polarised lenses are different to standard sunglass lenses; they have a special film which is either sandwiched between two other layers of the lens or applied to the front of a lens. With less expensive polarised sunglasses, typically under £40, the lens material will be Cellulose Triacetate, also known simply as triacetate and abbreviated to TAC. With this type of lens the polarised film will be applied to the front of the lens.

More expensive polarised sunglasses (usually over £40) mostly use polycarbonate lenses and the polarised film will be sandwiched between two other layers. It’s a more complex manufacturing process hence more expensive but results in a better quality polarised lens. However both TAC and polycarbonate polarised lenses will eliminate glare off a surface like a pavement, road, water or snow.      

How Do They Work?

So how do polarised lenses work? Well light waves from the sun travel in all directions but when sunlight strikes a surface, it becomes concentrated – this polarised light as it is called causes glare. A polarised lens will eliminate this light. The result is the ability to see light in its pure state. Objects will appear more defined, sharper and naturally coloured. Instead of squinting to minimise glare, a polarised lens will allow your eyes to see colours with true clarity.

Because polarised lenses block glare off a surface they are popular with sailing, boating and watersports enthusiasts, fishing enthusiasts, snow sports enthusiasts, runners, cyclists and drivers. When used for fishing a polarised lens means you will be able to see down below the surface of the water.

A Huge Range Of Polarised Sunglasses At Sunglasses For Sport

We have over 150 polarised models on our website and have also produced a video which fully explains how polarised sunglasses work – it’s in our video section.