New! Unique 3 Lens Polarised Sets

We are really pleased to have been appointed exclusive UK distributor for H3O. H3O is an American brand with a range of polarised 3 lens interchangeable sets. The unique feature is that all 3 lenses in each set are polarised even the lighter (yellow and clear) tints. As far as we know these are the only 3 lens interchangeable sets available where all 3 lenses are polarised. 3 models types are available: Ice, Rage and Surge. 

All models are sold as a set that includes 3 different polarised lens colours and they available in two grades: the 'Lite' economy range which features TAC polarised lenses and retails at £49.95 and a premium grade that features optical quality polycarbonate polarised lenses that retails at £89.95 – great value for money. Frames are very high quality designed to give years of use. All models are supplied with high quality hard cases with individual pouches for the spare lenses and a free set of frame cords.Before we actually saw it we were sceptical that there could really be polarised clear lens but it’s true – and it works! Click here to see them.