Switch On The Light

As winter really sets in the day time light can be very poor with dull, overcast weather and nights that draw in all too quickly; a good time to be wearing sports sunglasses with yellow lenses.

Experience The Difference Sports Sunglasses With Yellow Lenses Make

If you have never tried on yellow lenses you'd be amazed at the difference they can make. They really are "light enhancing". Ideal for low / poor light conditions; yellow adds exceptional contrast – everything will appear in sharper focus and when the light is fading they will "hold" the light. It's even a good colour to wear when you're driving at night.

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Sunglasses For Sports feature a wide range of eyewear with yellow lenses and numerous 3 lens interchangeable models that come with a yellow lens. Make sure you take a peek at our other collections of sports sunglasses too! We cover a whole range of sports with the eyewear to match.