Floating cords and more – Sunglasses For Sport expand their eyewear accessories range

Sunglasses for Sport, the online retailer of sports sunglasses and eyewear, have expanded their range of eyewear accessories to include a floating cord available in 6 colours and a new anti-fog wipe (to prevent sunglasses and eyewear from misting up).  The range on offer now extends to a variety of frame cords and retainers, three types of anti-fog remedies, eyewear cases and lens cleaners.

The floating cord retails at just £3.95 including free delivery to a UK address.  With the floating cord your sunglasses or spectacles become unsinkable whether dropped in sea or fresh water.  You simply attach the cord to the frame arms (temples) and use the strap to adjust for comfort / grip.  Apart from keeping your sunglasses firmly in place, if you do drop them in the water you can easily retrieve them.

To see the full range of accessories on offer visit the accessories section of their website.