One Pair of Eyes

One Pair of Eyes

Ski enthusiasts heading to the slopes this winter are reminded of the importance of wearing high quality sunglasses or goggles with a UV400 rating – the risk of damage to the eyes by harmful UVR is far greater at altitude.

If you are heading to the slopes this winter one part of your ski kit that you cannot afford to be without is good quality sunglasses or goggles – these eliminate solar ultraviolet radiation (UVR), in particular the more damaging UVB radiation.  A study undertaken by Japanese scientists revealed that eyes can receive up to 2.5 times more UV on mountains than at sea level.  Even when the eyes are turned away from the sun, they can still get over 85 per cent more UV on snow.  This can cause conditions such as snow blindness, which can lead to inflammation and cataracts.

Denzil Lee, Managing Director of Sunglasses For Sport Ltd, comments, “Because mountain air is cool, it gives a false sense of security about the sunlight, but the higher the altitude, the greater the ultraviolet (UV) radiation because there is less atmosphere to screen out harmful rays.

“For anyone going skiing or snowboarding this winter, it’s essential to wear good quality sunglasses or goggles with a UV400 rating, because on mountains the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays are easily underestimated, with a high risk of sunburn and ultimately skin cancer and eye cataracts”.

Sunglasses For Sport are a specialist online retailer of sports eyewear with over 400 models available including more than 100 polarised versions.  Their site: features a dedicated snow sports section where customers can shop for a wide range of ski goggles and sunglasses that have been specially selected for skiing.

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