The American brand Pilla (formerly Hidefspex) is widely recognised as the world’s best shooting eyewear. Worn by 23 times World Champion George Digweed and the vast majority of the top professional and amateur shooters; 8 of the 9 men's shotgun Olympic medallists at London 2012 used Pilla eyewear. Pilla lenses are now made by world renowned Carl Zeiss Vision and few would argue these are the best shooting lenses ever created with unrivalled quality and performance; they utilise rich colour enhancement technology tuned to specifically amplify clay targets in various lighting conditions and environmental backgrounds.  There are now 4 core models in the range: Outlaw X7, Panther X2, Vigilante (new 2015 model) and Sportsman.  Most Pilla Zeiss models are supplied as a frame & lens kit with additional individual Zeiss lenses also available. RX prescription optical inserts are available for both the Outlaw X7 and Panther Post models - these new inserts are significantly larger giving much improved peripheral vision.  Sunglasses for Sport are an Authorised Pilla Dealer and can supply all the new Pilla Zeiss options. Please contact us if you like us to email you the latest Pilla Zeiss electronic brochure.