Prescription Eyewear

For many of the sunglasses we sell we can fit prescription sunglass lenses to the frame but to special order - this can include polarised lenses and a variety of lens colours not just grey or brown. The starting point is to choose a model and then call or email us and we can advise if prescription lenses can be fitted to it - it's usually dependent on the frame shape and style. If we are able to do this we will need to have a copy of your prescription. If you don't have your prescription your optician should make it available to you but there may be a charge. Alternatively, you will need to go to your local optician and have your eyes tested. Following the eye test, your optician should make a copy of your prescription available and you are not obliged to purchase your sunglasses from them.

The PD (Pupillary Distance) measurement

Pupillary Distance

In addition to the normal information provided on your prescription we also need the PD or Pupillary Distance measurement. Opticians rarely automatically include this with the standard prescription details. It is the distance between the pupils of the eyes, centre to centre, in millimeters. Most people have a PD between 54mm and 74mm.  If you received two values, such as 31/31.5, then the values are the distance from the centre of your nose to each pupil centre.  

If your most recent eye exam did not include the PD value, but a previous one did, you can use the previous value. It does not change over time (except for children, of course).

Ideally it is best to use an optometrist's PD value as they have the proper equipment to ensure an accurate measurement is taken. However if you are unable to obtain this figure you can determine the measurement with a friend or family member's help. Have your assistant hold a ruler just below your eyes and measure the distance in mm from pupil centre to pupil centre. Focus straight ahead at a distant object and not on the ruler and keep your eyes steady. Take a few measurements for consistency.

Optical Inserts

Another very good option and often the most straight-forward is to choose a model with optical inserts (these clip behind the frame of the sunglasses). We sell several interchangeable models that come with an optical insert so you also get the benefit of different coloured lenses. In this instance all you need do is take the optical insert to your usual opticians and have prescription lenses put in the insert. We can also provide this service in conjunction with our partner optician. Please click on the left hand link - Prescription Options - to see our current models with optical inserts.

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